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Igram helps you anonymously watch Instagram videos.


#1 Instagram Video Viewer


Discover the ability to view any Instagram video in its full resolution, allowing you to enjoy both high-quality photos and videos at their best clarity and detail.

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Monitor Instagram accounts online without the need to install the application or follow them. All you need is a username.


No need to register and log in means that you can browse and use the platform without having to provide any personal information or create an account, ensuring complete anonymity and privacy for your online activities.


All Instagram videos can be easily downloaded to any device using a variety of simple and convenient methods, ensuring you can access and save your favorite content whenever you want.

Fast & easy


1. Enter the username

To find an Instagram profile, simply use the search box at the top of the screen and include any special characters like .-_. in the username.


2. See

All the latest videos from the users' feed will appear on your screen. A simple click on the preview will unveil the full-resolution experience. Rest assured, your anonymity is safeguarded.


3. Download

To save the video to your device, either tap and hold on your smartphone screen or right-click with your mouse.


What is Igram?

Igram offers a unique way to explore Instagram videos, serving as a free online portal for discreetly viewing these videos without alerting the creators. You won't have to bother with logging in, signing up, or downloading any apps; our platform ensures complete anonymity. Enjoy browsing and saving both photos and videos directly to your preferred device hassle-free.

How to watch Instagram videos secretly?

Simply input the Instagram handle, and anticipate the videos to materialize. The record of your viewing won't be retained anywhere.

How to save Instagram videos using Igram?

Select a particular video to initiate its opening in a fresh tab, granting the ability to preserve it across various gadgets. For smartphone users, simply press and hold your finger, while computer browser users can right-click to achieve the same result.

How to view private videos?

Regrettably, achieving this task is implausible without the user's explicit approval for tracking, and no online resources can be found capable of accomplishing it.

Is Igram tool free?

It won't cost you a dime! Every feature of our service comes at no charge and doesn't necessitate any sign-up. You can explore all the available data without the need to disclose any of your personal information.

Is it legal to use Igram to browse Instagram videos anonymously?

Absolutely, accessing public information is within the bounds of the law. However, it's essential to bear in mind that the ownership rights of photos and videos lie with their creators. The Igram platform is entirely cost-free for users.

Can you view Instagram videos anonymously?

Indeed, it's possible to discreetly watch Instagram videos through Igram. Our platform operates without the need for you to sign in or disclose any personal details.

Is the tool legal and safe?

Yes, the tool functions as a search engine for publicly available information. It doesn't collect or host any content, but simply provides links to external websites. It can be compared to Google or Bing, facilitating easier access to public information. If you intend to use it for non-personal purposes, make sure the content is not protected by copyright.