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Picuki Viewer

Picuki Tool helps you anonymously watch Instagram stories.


#1 Picuki Instagram Viewer


Unlock the power to access Instagram stories in their highest resolution, enabling you to savor the full splendor and intricacy of both top-tier photographs and videos.

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Track Instagram profiles online effortlessly, sans the necessity of app installation or following requests. A mere username is all that's required.


Skip the registration and login hassle, granting you the freedom to explore and utilize the platform without divulging any personal data or crafting an account. This guarantees absolute anonymity and privacy throughout your online endeavors.


Effortlessly retrieve any Instagram story onto your preferred device through a multitude of user-friendly techniques, guaranteeing you the ability to access and store your cherished content at your convenience.

Fast & easy


1. Enter the username

To locate an Instagram profile, just utilize the search bar at the screen's pinnacle and incorporate special characters such as .-_. within the username for precise results.


2. See

Your screen will be adorned with the freshest stories from the preceding 24 hours. A mere click on the preview will unveil the complete high-resolution encounter, all while ensuring your anonymity remains protected.


3. Download

To preserve the story on your device, you can either long-press on your smartphone screen or perform a right-click using your mouse.


What is Picuki?

Picuki provides a distinctive avenue for delving into Instagram stories, functioning as a cost-free online gateway for discreetly perusing these posts without notifying their creators. There's no need to fuss with logging in, creating an account, or installing any applications; our platform guarantees absolute anonymity. Revel in effortless browsing and seamless saving of both photos and videos directly onto your chosen device.

How to watch Insta stories secretly?

Just enter the Instagram handle, and watch the stories come to life. Your viewing history won't be stored anywhere.

How to save Insta stories using Picuki?

Choose a specific story to open it in a new tab, enabling you to save it across different devices. For smartphone users, long-press your finger, while computer browser users can achieve the same result by right-clicking.

How to view private profile stories?

Unfortunately, accomplishing this objective seems unattainable without the user's clear consent for monitoring, and there are no available online tools capable of achieving this.

Is Picuki tool free?

You won't have to spend a penny! Every aspect of our service is completely free and doesn't require any registration. You can freely access all the available information without having to share any of your personal details.

Is it legal to use Picuki to browse Instagram anonymously?

Certainly, accessing public information is well within legal limits. Nonetheless, it's crucial to remember that the copyright for photos and videos belongs to their creators. The Picuki platform is entirely free of charge for its users.

Can you view Instagram stories anonymously?

Certainly, discreetly viewing Instagram stories via Picuki is indeed possible. Our platform functions without requiring you to log in or reveal any personal information.

Is the tool legal and safe?

Yes, the tool functions as a search engine for publicly available information. It doesn't collect or host any content, but simply provides links to external websites. It can be compared to Google or Bing, facilitating easier access to public information. If you intend to use it for non-personal purposes, make sure the content is not protected by copyright.